Angeles National Forest
12/2013 - 10/2012

Twentynine Palms
7/2013 - 1/2013

Soto and Olympic
10/2013 - 8/2013

Route 66 Amboy
3/2013 - 2/2013

Elysian Train Yard
4/2014 - 5/2013

artist statement :

I construct large concrete heads and leave them in abandoned buildings on the fringe. Here, they undergo a transformation as over time strangers paint and vandalize them. I revisit the sites every several months to document the changes- spray painted gestures or attempts to get at what could it be inside.

I make the heads by pouring wet concrete over a sand mold. The process is simple and the results lack detail. I choose to depict the head because it can facilitate the transformation of the site into a figure, but also because it is an archaic symbol of authority and civil conformity. The heads are short lived in these abandoned places. Through their change they become new monuments that embody the wild and evolving spirit specific to that site. With time, the heads no longer appear alien; it is as if they emerged from that very location.